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10 Business Ideas For College students

Before looking into the various business ideas for college students, let us first understand about the advantages and disadvantages of starting your own businesses while still studying in college. This will help you in taking better decisions while starting your business.


Business Ideas


  1. Create your own pocket money for books, college fees, outings, extra curricular activities, extra skill development apart from college etc. without burdening your parents.
  2. Develop entrepreneurial skills while in college which will enable you to make bigger and better decisions further in your career.
  3. Realise the fact that – money making and money management is not easy. Also, you will realise how much our parents struggle to make you feel comfortable with your needs. Respect for parents increases.


  1. Dropping out of college by seeing small money coming into your pockets. Though there are wildly famous success stories of high tech entrepreneurs who dropped out of college to start on their own, such stories are only a handful. Do not get inspired by such stories. 

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My Suggestion: Focus should be on your studies and these business ideas for college students should only be your motivating factor for learning things outside college.

   2.  Using the money got out of business for indulging in unscrupulous activities like indulging in drugs  and alcohol, disrespecting parents, lavishly spending the hard earned money unnecessarily on fancy items like electronic gadgets, costly dresses etc.

  My Suggestion: Respect Money. Make use of money in a meaningful way. Buying of gadgets or dresses should be ok when done once in a while. Invest your hard earned money for your skill development like taking up a new course of your interest, joining a fitness centre, learning a new sport etc.

Business Ideas For College Students:

Business Idea #1: Blogging

Blogging - Business Ideas For College Students

Blogging is one the best ways to express your expertise in specific niche. You might be very passionate about cooking or computer programming or storytelling or anything for that matter. The best way to show off your expertise to the rest of the world is  through blogging. Create a private blogging website with a right name that captures the essence of your niche and start writing and posting articles, lessons, tips, techniques about things specific to your niche. For example, let us assume, you are very good at cooking and your contents or posts can be – “How to cook delicious vegetable biriyani” or “10 smart cooking tips for housewives” and so on. There are several thousands of people who wish to know about cooking and your blog can become a blockbuster among them. Same is the fact with other niche of yours.

Once you start getting more and more visitors on to your blogging site, you can make money by displaying advertisements of third party companies on your site (imagine how television serials make money), you can also sell your own cookery courses, carry out affiliate marketing etc. All you need to do is focus on  getting thousands of visitors to your blog per day and think of ways by which you can monetise it.

The investment needed for starting a private blog is somewhere around INR 6000 – INR 9000 for domain name (Example: www.busymonk.com) and server for hosting. You can start blogging at the comfort of your drawing room.

Business Idea #2: Tuition For School Students

Tuition - Business Ideas For College Students

With so many students out there with lack of good teachers, you teaching school students for a monthly fee, is definitely worth giving a try. Every house in your neighbourhood will have at least one school going student. A simple display board outside your home advertising about your coaching classes will work wonders. You will be shocked to see large number of parents interested in enrolling their kids with you for tuition. You can choose to charge and teach a specific subject like Maths or Science or Greek or Hindi or you can charge and teach a bunch of subjects based on their need and your expertise.

The good news is that, this business does not need any investment.

Business Idea #3: Web Development For Small Businesses

Web Development - Business Ideas For College Students

In this digital era, everything is online. People love to gather information and do transactions online. It has become a strong need for every businesses  – big or small to have their presence online at least in the form of a website. Big businesses like e-commerce company go to established software companies to get their website done. Whereas, small businesses like training institutes cannot afford such huge charges for developing their website from established software companies. And the fact is, small businesses do not have such big website development requirements like big businesses have. Most of the time, their only need is for few static web pages using HTML.

That is where you can play an important role as a student. You can offer your creative website development service for small businesses for a descent amount – the offer which small business owners cannot ignore. You can develop simple HTML websites for them at the comfort of your drawing room and make quick money. If you are new to web development, then trust me, learning web development may not take more than a month’s time if you can invest two hours of your daily time.

The advantage of this business is – You don’t need any investment other than your personal computer and an internet connection.

Business Idea #4: Making and Selling Paper Jewellery

Paper Jewellery - Business Ideas For College Students

This business needs a creative brain and is for someone who is  passionate to handle crafts materials like beads, charms etc. Fashionable and designer paper jewellery has become the latest trends and a fast growing market among women for the reason that it is available with thousands of designs at a unimaginable low cost. A simple youtube search on how to make Paper Jewellery can lead to number of resulting videos that will teach you how to make designer paper jewellery. Paper Jewellery can be made at the comfort of your home and can be sold on e-Commerce websites like Amazon or Flipkart.

The investment for this business may range between INR 2000 – INR 5000.

If you wish to make Paper Jewellery your full time business later, having your own e-Commerce site would be a better option.

Business Idea #5: Taxi Driving

Taxi Driving - Business Ideas For College Students

The usage of Taxi services like Uber and Ola has dramatically increased in the urban cities, as people feel stressed driving their vehicle in the ever increasing traffic on roads. If suppose, you have an abandoned car at home or your friend’s home or anywhere else to which you can have access to, then, you can make quick bucks making use of it. Get yourself a driving license and have a tie-up with car aggregator services like Uber or Ola. After your college hours you can earn the extra bucks driving people in and around the city. There are several travel agencies and car owners who are looking for drivers who can work part time based on royalty basis.

There is no investment for this business if you can arrange a vehicle.

Business Idea #6: Writing and Selling Kindle e-Books

Kindle E-Book Reader - Business Ideas For College Students

With everything in our daily life turning digital, people have started replacing physical hard books with e-Books and PDFs. The advantage of e-Books is that, it could be easily stored in digital format on your smart phones or tablets. One such device that is specially designed for storage and retrieval of e-Books for reading is Amazon’s Kindle. Hundreds and thousands of such e-Books could be stored in digital format and it could be carried along with you anywhere and everywhere. Imagine carrying 10 physical books with you during your travel – Impossible, Isn’t it ? Thats where e-Books and Kindle device scores well.

You as students can leverage this opportunity by writing e-Books that can can be read on Kindle device. You can choose your niche and start writing e-Books as Kindle version which can be sold on Amazon. Amazon is a great platform to sell e-Books. Amazon would take a small amount of royalty on each book sold. As more and more people are looking for e-Books, with an interesting subject on your side, you can make killer earnings.

This business does not need any investment other than your personal computer and internet connection.

Business Idea #7: Content Writing Services

Content Writing - Business Ideas For College Students

The world needs information. And the world’s entire information is present on the world wide web. Not everyone are good at everything. That is the reason several companies, bloggers, universities outsource content writing to people who are good at it. Content writing is a creative work and companies and bloggers may not have enough time to write all the content. That is when, they outsource content writing to freelancers, part time workers, college students etc. If writing is in your blood, you should leverage the advantages of content writing.

Anyone with a website will have one constant need and that is  – relevantly new content. Search engines favour websites with new, relevant and updated content.

A website content writer specialises in providing relevant content for websites. Every website has a specific target audience and  may require different content. For example: A hospital specialising in Orthopaedics needs contents related to bone health on their website,  a travel blog needs content describing various travel places, a banking website needs contents related to money, investments and wealth and so on. If you can start a consultancy services at a very micro level for providing contents for such companies, you can make huge money.

There is no investment for this business other than developing a simple single page website describing your content writing services. A simple google search on content writing services will yield so many results of companies who are already into content writing.

Business Idea #8: Computer Repair Services

Computer Servicing - Business Ideas For College Students

90% of the houses, shops, schools, colleges etc. will have computers. And the good news for you is, they stop working for various reasons. That is your opportunity for business. Provide computer repair services for them at an affordable price and you can quickly make huge money. Computer Servicing is an evergreen business. Though you might need a one month formal training for developing this computer repairing skill, its a one time worthwhile investment.

Business Idea #9: Graphic Designing Services

Graphic Design Example - Business Ideas For College Students

Anyone with a basic idea of Adobe Photo Shop and little creativity can start graphic designing services. Every company or business that you think of, needs graphic designing services. Graphic designing is a huge money making industry.

A graphic designer is a professional who puts images, typography, or motion graphics together to create a piece of design primarily for published, printed or electronic media, such as brochures for advertising. Graphic designers also deal with designing the layout for websites. The above  picture   of a factor building is the work of graphic designer.

In a super market, a simple glance on all the products will reveal the importance of a graphic designer. Every products cover design is the work of a graphic designer.

As every businesses around you need Graphic Designing Services as part of their advertisement campaign, you can approach them to outsource graphic designing services to you.

The advantage of this business is – You don’t need any investment other than your personal computer and an internet connection – Provided you have a good hold on Adobe Photo Shop. If you are new to Adobe Photo Shop, you should not mind in one time investment for updating your skill.

Business Idea #10: Data Entry Business

Data Entry - Business Ideas For College Students

This job is for anyone who has a good typing speed with accuracy and attention to detail. There are many businesses, who are in look out for freelancers who can help them on a daily basis in updating their company computer database for effective record keeping with details like customer names and numbers, product details, daily business turnover details, details about daily business expenses and so on. The entry could be made in a spread sheet or a word document or onto anything as per the company requirements. You can charge them on a hourly basis or based on the number of entries made. You can choose to work for the number of hours per day.  A quick google search on data entry opportunities will give you loads of requirements posted by various companies that you can leverage.

This business does not need any investment other than your personal computer and internet connection. You can start data entry at the comfort of your drawing room.

These are the 10 business ideas for college students that can be started easily. Few of these businesses ideas need  a small investment in terms of money and few others need investment of time for updating your skill sets. I feel it is worth investing. Without sowing you cannot reap. Hope you enjoyed reading this blog post. If you have any other business ideas apart from the ones that I have listed above, please feel free to comment below.

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