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15 Reasons For Getting Fired From A Company

This blog post discusses reasons for getting fired from a company. There are several reasons for an employee to get fired from a company. Among all the 95% of the time, it is because of the following 15 reasons. Having known about all these reasons beforehand can help you save your job.


Reasons For Getting Fired

Reasons For Getting Fired From A Company Are as follows:


Reason #1: Complaining About Your Employer On Social Media

As days are passing, people are becoming more social media friendly. They are using it to share their emotions either good or bad. Things on your career-front take a bad turn when you use social media to vent out your anger on your boss or your employer. Once or twice this behavior of yours can be excused with a warning. If your employer finds you to be a serial offender you will be fired from the company with immediate effect.

Sometimes, your personal image is easily visible by going through your social media profile. Your posts, comments, the links and videos you share and everything that you do on social media reveals your actual mentality. If your employer thinks your personal image and mentality might cause a problem in the workplace you would be asked to leave the company. 


Keep your social media profiles clean. Post and share inspiring contents. Keep emotions away from social media. To share your emotions either good or bad, meet a personal friend. It is also better not to share your social media profiles with your office colleagues and management.

Reason #2: Sexual Harassment

Even if you are the rockstar of a critical project, no organization would ever take the risk of employing an employee charged with sexual harassment. Proven guilty or not, still, he or she would be fired from the company and the company leaves it to the law to take a decision. The decision to fire such people would be immediate.

The board of IT Giant – iGate sacked its President and CEO – Phaneesh Murthy in May 2013, following an investigation into a relationship that he had with a subordinate employee and a claim of sexual harassment.


Avoid loose talks with opposite gender. Be within your limits with your colleagues. Do not discuss anything beyond work. Position yourself as a Gentleman or a Gentlewoman. Do not give a chance for others to get into your personal matters. Know your limits.

Reason #3: Revealing Trade Secrets

An immediate decision to fire an employee is taken when the organization finds him/her guilty of sharing trade secrets with the competing organization. This can also result in court proceedings and jail term if proven guilty leading to the end of one’s perfect career. Such incidents have occurred in the past and keeps continuing especially in companies that are involved in R&D and hold several patents and products of its own. In this case, one can get fired without a warning. This is a valid reason for firing an employee.


Do not use your personal mail ID to transfer company documents. Do not use a pen drive to carry project related information. If you wish to use, make sure you inform your higher-ups. Do not leave your computer open as someone else might use it to transfer company documents. Therefore always keep your computer locked both at home and office. Do not discuss office projects at home. Especially if your kids are around. They might have loose talks about your project related work outside the home.

Reason #4: Spending Time Gossiping

Gossiping is talking ill about a person in his/her absence. Gossiping at the workplace is the worst thing that any employee can do. It creates a negative environment in the workplace and brings hatred among co-workers thus affecting productivity. Workplace gossip can lead to chaos, miscommunication, and confusion. It can also create the wrong perception of an employee and make other employees feel not to work with them. Gossiping is another reason for getting fired from a company.


At work, do not discuss anyone in their absence. Especially negative comments should be avoided. If possible, you can talk positively about the person in his/her absence. Still, I would suggest you to not to discuss a person in his or her absence. Also, stay away from people who discuss about others in their absence. Understand, that kind of people will talk about you in your absence.

Reason #5: Not Being A Team Player

You might be a rock star in your work. Your talent is of no use if you cannot work within a team. There is a famous African proverb that says – “If you want to go fast, go alone if you want to go far, go together. Employers need employees who can go together as a team. If you are a lonely wolf, then, be prepared to get fired.


Involve with the team. If you are a rock star in your domain, teach others and develop others. Your goal should be to be a team player. There are times when you might need your team’s help. No one likes to help a rebel. Your productivity increases when you play with a team.

Reason #6: Being Consistently Late To Office

There are many employers who cannot tolerate employees coming late to office. Consistently being late to office is a sign of ignorance and disinterest in work. This results in decreased productivity. On the contrary, always showing up on time will help you build a good relationship with your boss and you become a trustworthy resource for a company.


Always being late to office will showcase your bad attitude and character. Be early to the office, complete the given task and go home early. I know sometimes this is difficult than said. Still, I would suggest you work out a solution for this by discussing with your manager.

Reason #7: Not Obeying Your Boss

Sometimes you feel you are smarter than your boss. Might be it is true, but you cannot disobey your boss and take things straight into your hands. It would hurt the ego of your boss and he would no more be interested to keep you as part of the team. The result is you get fired from the company.


There is nothing wrong with obeying your boss. Or at least, initially agree to what your boss says, and later you can make him or her understand why you were right about a particular project or task. Directly saying “NO” to your boss shows your aggressive nature. Develop a relationship with your boss passively. If you feel your boss is dumb about a task, you can carry out what you feel is the best for the situation, but make your boss feel you are obeying him or her. 

Reason #8: Poor Performance

The first and foremost reason for a company to fire any of its employees is non-performance. This strategy is used to increase company profits by reducing unnecessary costs. If the management asserts that, an employee is not performing as expected, he/she would be the first target. This decision is not sudden. The employee performance would be tracked for about 6 – 7 months by the reporting manager based on various parameters and if he/she is found to be an underperformer, the company treats them as an unnecessary waste of company time and money. The result is fire them.


There are several reasons why an employee underperforms. You should be the right person to figure out the right reason. Take up a training to enhance your skill set if you feel you lack the needed skill. If you are facing a personal issue, talk to your close friends/relatives/family and sort it out. Necessary action can be taken only after you figure the reasons for your poor performance.

Reason #9: Consumption Of Alcohol While At Work

If you are an alcoholic then be careful. Never ever go to work in an inebriated state. It is harmful to you, your work and your work environment. In an inebriated state, you are not under your control. You might end up doing dangerous activities like using foul language, sexual harassment, destroy company property etc. whose after effects cannot be reversed. Getting into such acts can cost you your job. The company might drag you to the court apart from firing you from the company.


Drink alcohol only after office hours.

Reason #10: Stealing Company Property

There are employees in every company who have a very bad habit of stealing petty things from office. Things like a stack of printing paper, stationery items, evening snacks, computer mouse, tea bags etc. are stole by employees. Though these items look petty, stealing is a big crime. No company can trust a thief. Steal big or small, theft is always a theft and thief is always a thief. No company wants to employ a thief. You might succeed stealing things from office in the initial days, assuming no one are watching you. But, on a longer run, once you are caught, you will ruin your career. Stealing company property is one of the reasons for getting fired.


Do not carry any of the company property outside your company’s campus. Check your bag and pockets for any company property before leaving your office every day.

Reason #11: Using Company Property For Personal Use

Taking a single printout from your office printer for a personal use is not at a big problem. But, taking a large bunch of printouts for your kid’s school work or using internet facility to browse personal information or using company laptop to carry out your side business, or using company’s vehicle to make a personal family trip and many more are definitely a punishable offense as per the company’s policy. Though you can initially get away with a warning, the repeated offense will cost you your job.


Use company property only for office work. When you carry office laptop home, keep it away from wife and children. Inform them about the potential damage that can cause by using company’s property for personal use.

Reason #12: Frequent Leave From Office

Every company has a fixed leave policy. As per the policy, every employee is entitled to a specific number of leaves. You can take a leave due to health or family related issue occasionally, but a high level of frequent absenteeism will have a negative impact both on you as well as your company. Frequent leave from office will decrease your work productivity. Also, the company will start questioning your conduct. You may be fired from the company with a warning for a couple of times.


The company pays you for your office work and not for your homework. Plan your vacations to utilize company leaves wisely.

Reason #13: Faking Your Resume

Faking your resume is a sure shot way to get fired without a warning. Fake resumes are especially a menace to the software industry. Few candidates take employment after faking their resume with respect to the years of experience they carry, the technology skills they possess, reasons for quitting the previous job, salary details etc. Once employed your actual personality is revealed through your work. If the employer finds a mismatch in your working skills with the skills that you had mentioned on your resume, then, get ready to be fired from the company.


Do not fake your resume. If you have faked your resume, prove it in your work.

Reason #14: Carrying Out A Side Business

It is against every company’s policy to carry outside business along with your company’s regular work. By carrying out a side business, your focus will be on growing your side business. Your focus on your company’s work will be reduced resulting in productivity drop. While doing side business you might make use of your employer’s property like printers, laptops, internet facility, telephone facility etc to favor your own side business. Once your employer finds carrying outside the business, he might politely ask you to leave the company by terminating your employment.


You can never experience huge success either in your regular work or in your side business if you are involved in both. Either focus on your side business or focus completely on your regular work. If not, you remain mediocre throughout.

Reason #15: Being Extremely Good At Work

Unfortunately, sometimes, being extremely good at work is also one of the reasons for getting fired from the company. You being good at work might take away somebody else’s  ( Your Lead Manager ) job. With a fear to secure his or her job, he or she might remove you from the team and company citing unrelated reasons to the higher management. This is more of a political issue that every team and company goes through.


Try to share your accomplishments credit with your team leader or manager. This is little tricky and you should play the game wisely.


All the above 15 points are the common reasons for termination of employment by your employer. If you find any other reasons for getting fired from a company, please feel free to comment below.

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