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Business Goals: 5 Reasons Why You Should Write Down Your Business Goals

Let us begin with a famous saying by Bill Copeland – “The trouble with not having a goal is that you can spend your life running up and down the field and never score”. Anything that is real in this world was once upon a time a thought in somebody’s mind. Those thoughts will remain as thoughts if not associated with a planned action. This blog tells you how business goals can when written down converts thoughts into reality

Importance of Business Goals

In case of business, writing down your business goals is the one and only way to achieve it. I have come across several business owners during my Business Coaching Program who have high ambitions, but lacks commitment and determination to achieve those ambitions. Their ambitions remain just ambitions due to lack of planned action. Action takes place only if the thought running in your mind, comes out in the form of words and sentences on a sheet of paper – that’s something real. Once the business goals becomes a written document, there onwards action starts. Writing your thoughts on a sheet of paper acts like a bridge between your thoughts in mind and action in reality. As Tom Hopkins says, “An unwritten want is a wish, a dream, a never-happen. The day you put your goal in writing is the day it becomes a commitment that will change your life”.

Writing Down Business Goals And Its Importance :

The 5 reasons why I suggest every business owner to write down their business goals are as follows:

  1. You Form a Bridge

Writing down your business goals into a sheet of paper gives you a real thing to hold on, allowing you to see something real, something that is workable and something that can be measured. Understand that, anything measurable, can be managed. You get a sense of direction to move on to achieve your goal. By writing down your goals on a sheet of paper, you can capture a clear picture of your goals in mind, thus, avoiding randomly occurring and disappearing thoughts. Seeing the goal-written paper will motivate you to get those business goals achieved faster. You can further enhance your goals to a greater detail once written in a simple format. Please keep in mind that, a clear picture of your goal is most likely to be achieved than an unclear goal that remains as a thought in your mind.

2.  You are relieved of stress

Stress is a result of having unfulfilled desires (or goals) in a thought state for a longer duration. It does not allow your mind to think clearly about your future. It causes “Zeigarnik Effect” . The “Zeigarnik Effect” is a situation where cognitive(mental) resources or energy is being consumed in the background while you are concentrating to do some other work. The more open/unfinished tasks that are running in the background, the less congnitive resources are available for focusing, practicing, and learning. So writing down your business goals will free your mind of continuous thinking and avoid stressing your mind to remember your goals.

3. More ideas flow into your mind

Writing down your business goals, sets your mind free and makes it ready to think about the future and it welcomes new ideas for business growth. Setting your mind free drives more creativity. Instead of having unwritten goals lingering around in your mind, you can now think about how to act upon those written goals.

4. Track your progress

As I earlier said, anything that gets measured, can be easily managed and the progress can be tracked. Assume you have written down your business goals for the next 6 months or 1 year or say 5 years and once you complete the targeted time frame, you can track back on your progress made. If there is any unachieved goals, you can look back and re-evaluate your path. You can take necessary actions to retarget your goals.

5. Break bigger and unachievable looking goals into smaller achievable goals

Most of the business owners have big business goals that seem to be impossible to accomplish. Its easy to feel discouraged when you’re staring at a massive, seemingly unconquerable mountain. Writing down goals will help you break down those unachievable looking goals into smaller achievable goals. Achieving smaller goals will encourage you to go forward and achieve more smaller goals finally achieving the bigger one.

During my Business Coaching Program, when I questioned the participants about their ignorance of writing down their goal, they came up with a very strange reply. For them, it is not difficult to put those goals on paper, but, it is their fear of not achieving what is written on paper is what stops them from writing it down. If you are one among them feeling the same, let me tell you, you are bound to achieve your goals more faster when written clearly on a white sheet of paper. Do not forget to stick your written business goals on a surface which you could notice at least thrice a day.

If you feel there are other advantages of writing down your goals, please do feel free to comment below:

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