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The Story Of A 5 Rupee Doctor Who Prioritised Service Over Business – Perfect Example of Personal Branding

Dr.S.C.Shankre Gowda - Example of Personal Branding

This blog post is all about a skin doctor S.C. Shankre Gowda, who prioritised service over business. His life story is a great inspiration to all younger generations and a perfect example of personal branding. His professional life will teach loads of business lessons that any business owner can leverage. …

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Business Strategy Model: How Did Reliance Jio Enter The Telecom Network Market Late And Acquire A Larger Customer Base Fast

Reliance Jio Logo - Business Strategy Model

Business Strategy Model Of Reliance Jio : It is said that, almost 80 percent of Indian population has experienced Reliance Jio’s network services within months of its inception. It quickly became a household name in India. Few industry insiders argue that – Reliance brand popularity over years on other sectors …

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