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13 Warning Signs Of Getting Fired From Your Company

This blog post gives you 13 Warning Signs Of Getting Fired from your company. If you are experiencing any of the following situations at the workplace, be careful and get ready for your next job hunt. The answer for – “How do I know I am getting fired” is answered in this blog post. I have interviewed more than 48 employees who were fired from the company and this blog post is the result of those interviews.

Warning Signs Of Getting Fired



Warning Signs Of Getting Fired From Your Company Are As Follows:

Warning Sign #1: You Are On Bench For A Long Time

In a software industry, you are considered to be on a bench when you have no on-going projects to work on. Being on bench for quite a long period of time say 3 – 4 months is clearly a warning sign of getting fired. No company can afford to pay salary to an employee on bench. The best way for the company to cut cost is by asking you to resign by yourself. A decent and humble way to get fired.

Warning Sign #2: Your Company Isn’t Doing Well

When your company is constantly slipping into loses for quite a long period of time, when its share prices are declining, when no new projects are coming in , then, its a sign that the company isn’t doing well. The company decides to save itself by cutting costs. Some of the ways to cut costs include discontinuing travel allowances, on-site allowances, food allowances, insurance allowances and finally fire underperforming and mediocre employees. Check out your company performance periodically and if you find it isn’t doing well, consider it as a warning sign of getting fired and start preparing for your next interview.

Warning Sign #3: Your Manager Suddenly Starts Maintaining Distance From You

When the manager knows that you are about to get fired from the company, he starts avoiding you in all ways. He suddenly stops smiling at you, he will stop having eye contact with you, he will stop speaking to you, he will stop having lunch with you, he stops asking you for progress updates etc. This strange behavior of your manager is a warning sign of you getting fired from the company.

Warning Sign #4: You Are Not Invited For Team Meetings

When the whole team gets an invite to a team meeting, but, you are left out, clearly indicates that your contribution is no more needed for the team. The manager feels, inviting you to a meeting does not make any difference to the on-going project as your termination from the company is planned. This should be considered as one of the signs that you are getting fired from the company soon.

Warning Sign #5: Your Company Is Being Acquired

When your company gets acquired by another company, the new management tries to bring down the costs by shutting down few verticals of business that is not doing well. As a result, the employees working for that specific verticals are fired. So if your company is being acquired, consider that as one of the warning signs of getting fired.

Warning Sign #6: You Have Been Put On Performance Improvement

Sometimes, the company management does not want to directly fire you fearing legal consequences from the employee’s end. Therefore, they use the tactic of putting you on a performance improvement training to prove your performance is bad which can be used as a reason to fire you from the company. Though not every company does this, still, you should consider this as a sign that you are going to get a pink slip.

Warning Sign #7: Sudden Decrease In The Workload

When your workload at workplace decreases over a period of time, it means your manager has decided to get you out of the company. By giving you more work, he does not want to prolong your presence in the company. Decreasing workload is definitely one of the signs that you are close to getting fired.

Warning Sign #8: Your Boss Starts Micromanaging You

The best way to find faults in your work is by micromanaging an employee. By micromanaging your work, your boss is accumulating enough pieces of evidence to support his decision to fire you from the company. This is to avoid legal consequences of firing an employee abruptly.

Warning Sign #9: You Have Been Asked To Take Leave

When your boss asks you to take leave for some time, it is a clear indication that you are about to get fired. One of the reasons why your boss asked you to take leave could be lack of new projects. Other reason could be your poor performance towards work. Asking you to take indefinite leave is another way of suggesting you search job outside.

Warning Sign #10: You are Suddenly Incharge Of Fewer Things

When your boss starts delegating work to your subordinates that which you were in charge of earlier, it is a clear sign you are getting fired soon. You should understand it is time to polish your resume and get ready for the job hunt.

Warning Sign #11: You are Asked To Train Someone Else

Though not always, you being asked to train someone else on your expertise is a warning sign of getting fired from the company. When your manager has decided to fire you, he wants all your pending work to be completed and want you to hold a KT(knowledge transfer) for the team, to make sure your absence will not hinder the progress of the on-going project.

Warning Sign #12: You Have Received A Pay Cut

Sometimes managers use pay cut as the preliminary step to fire you from the company. After a pay cut, you manager will put you on performance improvement. This is because the manager assumes, when your pay gets cut, you voluntarily will resign out of broken ego and performance improvement plan is the best way to showcase your poor performance. If still, you have not resigned, the second step would be to issue you a pink slip.

Warning Sign #13: Your Instincts Says You Are Getting Fired

Call it a miracle or magic – Sometimes your instincts will tell you that you are about to get fired. This can be because of all bad incidents that have taken place in your company with respect to you and your performance. Reasons for your underperformance could be anything. When your instincts start telling you, consider that as your warning sign of getting fired from the company.

All the above warnings are written based on the inputs that I received from 18 employees who were fired from the company. If you feel there is any other sign apart from the above mentioned 13 warning signs of getting fired, please feel free to comment below:

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