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10 Ways To Create Buzz Around Your Startup [ As Part Of Fundraising Efforts ]

To fuel your fundraising efforts, you need to create a strong momentum and buzz around your startup. Investors love to be part of startups that are in news for good reasons. This can be your guerrilla warfare for attracting investors. It also increases the visibility of your brand among customers. This blog post gives you an idea about ways to create buzz around your startup as part of fundraising efforts.

Here is the list of those  “10 ways to create buzz around your startup”:


Ways To Create Buzz Around Your Startup


1. Product / Service Launch – The MVP version

Product/Service Launch is one of the classical ways to create buzz around your startup. Invite your family, friends, their friends in turn to fill the auditorium where the launch happens. Try all possible tactics you know to get people to attend the launch event. Yes – You got to make it an event. Do not wait for your product/service to be fully featured and operational. The MVP (initial version) of it is more than enough. Inform the audience that you are demonstrating the basic version of the product/service and make them feel privileged to be your first customers who will test the product/service.

Explain how your product/service will change people’s lives. This will generate the proper interest to get the market buzzing about your startup. Request people among the audience to speak a few words about their experience of the event and make videos immediately. As a gesture of thanks for inviting them, you can expect a great review from the audience. Post those videos and event pictures on various social media platforms including your website.

I would suggest you conduct such events every now and then to keep investors and future customers have an eye on you and your startup. They will feel you are coming up with something innovative and increases their curiosity.

2. Get An Expert To Talk About Your Product/Service

Human psychology about trust is very simple. When you are getting introduced to a new person/thing by someone whom you already trust, you will start trusting the new person/thing easily. This psychology is used for centuries in advertisements. That is the reason you find a celebrity introducing a product/service to customers through advertisements.

For example, If your startup is into drug manufacturing business, get an expert physician to talk about your product/service. You can request them to speak about the advantages of your product/service and how it helps people. It is like a stamp of approval for your product/service. If the expert is a well-known person with a huge fan following, your startup can gain huge momentum – A way to create buzz around your startup.

3. Get Featured At Various Tech & Entrepreneur Conferences

There are many major conferences who will feature your startup at no cost. Other than the advantage of raising your startup’s profile, these conferences also serve as valuable networking opportunities within the investor community.

It will be great if any of your company representatives can become one of the speakers at the conference. It will help you get more recognition. In fact, the conference organizers are in need of speakers who can make the event more meaningful with the speaker’s entrepreneurship wisdom. Approaching event organizers to get you on their speaker’s list will be an added advantage. Audience considers speakers as an authority on a particular topic and if you can become one, it creates a lot of buzz around your startup. The reason is, they relate you to your startup.

A google search for “Entrepreneur Conferences in <Your_City_Name>” will give you results on all the latest conferences happening in your city.

4. Social Media Marketing (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter)

Today’s generation is on Social Media. Leverage it to the maximum. Social Media and Blogging can become your epicenter of PR campaign. Social Media is a tool to get connected with a large number of future customers. Write a blog post on the latest developments in your industry ( also about your startup developments ) and keep people informed through social media marketing.

Create a profile page for your startup and start acquiring loyal fans. Capture your company activities and post it on the social media platform. This builds brand loyalty and is a great way to showcase company news and other momentous occasions. Having a strong social media fan following is the proof of how you manage your brand which in turn proves your excellent customer relationship skills. If executed properly, creating buzz for your startup on social media is easier and powerful. On the other side, if the execution is poor, it can destroy your brand image. If you are an emerging startup, Social Media Marketing is a powerful way to create buzz around your startup.

5. Support Charitable Causes

People are more tied to emotions. Anything that can move them emotionally, will remain in their mind for a much longer duration. Get your startup involved with charitable events or auctions and observe how it helps you build positive brand sentiment.

6. Take Part In Startup Competitions

There are several organizations that conduct competitions for startups. The idea behind is to help winning startups to find investors for their startup. Competitions conducted by NYC Venture Fellows help successful entrepreneurs take their ventures to the next level.

Taking part and winning such competitions will make your startup a household name in the world of startup space. Buzzing your startup at such events can easily attract number of investors.

A Google Search on “Startup Competitions in <Your_City>” will give you a list of organizations conducting such competitions. Also join entrepreneurial communities on Facebook and LinkedIn to get access to and information about such events.

7. Use Tools Like LaunchRock

Several companies have used tools like LaunchRock – a product built specifically for entrepreneurs to create buzz around their startup. It has worked successfully for many companies. As a startup, you should definitely make use of such tools. You can visit their website to know more about how to make use of the tool.

8. Get Your Startup Listed On Well-Established Blog Sites

There are several blogs/websites that write about startups and entrepreneurship. Those websites have a huge subscriber base (readers) who are news (startup related), hungry people. It also includes investors and CEOs of well-established companies. Try to get listed on such websites. One of the easiest ways is to pay them to write about your startup and your product/service. Another way is to nominate a representative from your startup to write articles for their blogs and give your website link at the bottom of the article. This will add more visibility to your startup. A brand building activity. Strategize your articles in such a way that, it is informative and talks something around your startup niche. In this way, you can create buzz around your niche too. This is very useful, especially if your startup is into an emerging technology space.

Websites like entrepreneur.com, HuffingtonPost.com, forbes.com, yourstory.com are great blogging sites where you can publish your articles.

9. Get Listed On Websites That Profile Entrepreneurs

There are websites that profile founders, CEOs and entrepreneurs from various industry verticals by interviewing them on their business experiences, strategies, founding story and future plans. Getting listed on such platforms are great way to create buzz around your startup. This is because, people treat such profiled entrepreneurs as experts in their domain and consider them as achievers. 

  Under30CEO, Mixergy, YourStory are some websites that will profile successful entrepreneurs. Try to be profiled in such websites. Being such profiled entrepreneur, your chances of getting funded by investors are huge.

10. Press Releases

Press releases are a pivotal part in raising funds and achieving overall startup success. Press releases about your startup from recognized and well-established newspapers can take your startup to the peak of the mountain. But, reaching the right journalists from a reputed news agency is a daunting task for beginners.

Platforms like HARO and Publiseek offers channels for getting in touch with journalist and publications that are actively seeking stories from experts to publish for their readers. You should take advantage of such platforms to tell your startup story.

Also, there are lots of websites that will help you in circulating and distributing your self-generated press releases for a nominal fee. Some of the websites include are: BusinessWire, 24-7 Press Release, PRLog, PRWeb, PR NewsWire, OnlinePRNews  etc.

To create a buzz, you should know what exactly to include in your press release. I would suggest you include news about the launch of your product/service, announcing a new round of fund that your startup received, events conducted, competitions won, founding story, accomplishments of major milestones, expert speak about your startup etc. Such newsworthy stories can attract readers and investors alike. A press release is definitely a worthwhile tool in creating a buzz around your startup and can help you in raising more funds for your startup.

These are the “10 Ways To Create Buzz Around Your Startup” which can be done as part of your fundraising efforts. Feel free to comment below your opinions on the same.


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